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Sen. J.D. Vance of Ohio shakes hands with former President Donald Trump during a rally in Delaware, Ohio in 2023. Vance has ties to tech billionaires who are endorsing his vice presidential nomination.
Drew Angerer
Getty Images
Vance, who has become a darling to the Silicon Valley elite, made inroads in tech and venture capital circles during a stint in San Francisco. Now, Vance is tapping that network to supercharge the Trump re-election bid.
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New Louisiana license plate commemorating the 250th birthday of the United States
Office of the Lieutenant Governor
Office of the Lieutenant Governor
The Louisiana “America 250” State Commission unveiled a new standard license plate commemorating the 250th birthday of the United States. State Officials meet at the old capitol in Baton Rouge to celebrate the unveiling, while also reflecting on the state's historical challenges in joining the Union as the 18th state.
Bayou To Beltway
Louisiana District 34 Senator Katrina R. Jackson discussed with host Dr. Pearson Cross the rollout of broadband internet access to rural parishes in northeast Louisiana.
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